About TableauBytes

A laptop on a table surrounded by books and items on a desk. The laptop has the TableauBytes logo displayed on the screen.

TableauBytes is primarily an aide-mémoire for me, to help me use Tableau. Tableau is complicated, constantly evolving, and getting bigger and bigger all the time. Keeping track of all the things it can do and remembering how to do them, especially if you haven't done them recently, is tricky. So every time I come across something useful I create a post for it here.

TableauBytes was originally launched in July 2018. It's been through various iterations, mostly on Wordpress. Currently it's being hosted on Ghost which is is proving much easier to maintain. Wordpress is great but it requires a lot of maintenance.

About Me

I'm 50 something and I live in the UK. I've been working in IT for 35 years, and been using Tableau for nearly 8 years. I currently work for a Tableau Consultancy as a Senior Analytics Consultant, helping people get the most from Tableau. My colleagues are an incredibly bright bunch of people who make me smile a lot. I like playing with data and getting insights from it, and I enjoy helping and teaching people. If you want more details, my LinkedIn profile has a copy of my CV.

Image showing both the square and long form of the TableauBytes logo

The logo is a stylised apple with the words Tableau and Bytes. So why this?

  • Apples - are symbols of knowledge and learning
  • Tableau - hopefully this is pretty obvious 😂
  • Bytes - is a bit of a play on words. Data is stored in computers in bytes, and when you do things in small sections it's often termed bite-sized 😀


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In the future I may introduce a paid subscription tier for premium content or courses.

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